Ultimate Skin Tone LUTs Pack



+35 Advanced Colour Lookup Table (LUTs)


The Ultimate Skin Tone LUTs Pack by Pixels Creative Academy is a coming together of two years extensive research on the ultimate skin tone colour lookup tables for studio photographers. The Ultimate Skin Tone LUTs Pack consist of over 35 LUTs for dark and light skin clients.

If you are a head shot photographer, you would find this LUTs handy for colour grading especially your studio photos. As you already know, you can combine multiple LUTs at different opacity to give you a desired look you going for.

These are LUTs we have created with the 6 years’ experience as an academy that has thought over 500 student editing using photoshop. We are excited to share these with you. These LUTs are made to work for a variety of skin tones, from light to dark skin tones. This amazing collection will give you just the right amount of colour grading you need for your skin tones. Have fun playing with them.



These LUTs work best when images are shot between 5000 and 6000 Kelvin. I have tested these LUTs with images shot on both canon, Nikon and Sony camera and they work great because these cameras tend to have a lot of red tones in them

DISCLAIMER: Please. Bear in mind that all of my images will include different lighting and tones to yours, so these LUTs will look different from images to images


List of some Colour Lookup Table (LUTs) in the pack:


  • 2-strip process
  • Aglow
  • Autuum tones
  • Berlin sky
  • Black and white
  • Bloom
  • Bloosom
  • Bluesea
  • Brown coffee
  • Brownee
  • Brunette
  • Burnished
  • Chrome
  • Cinematic lush
  • Classic teal and orange
  • Dark forest
  • Dusky
  • Ebony
  • Fade to green
  • Lustrous
  • Merry
  • Royal purple
  • Tan
  • Vijaikolors
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