Pro Retouching Essential Pack



 +50 Advanced Retouching Actions


The Pro Retouching Essential Pack (Actions Bundle) by Pixels Creative Academy is a coming together of two years extensive research on ways studio photographers can make their workflow faster. The Pro Retouching Essential Pack consist of over 50 Actions.

This powerful pack of Photoshop actions contains some of the most time saving quality improving actions for Photographers and retouchers. With these actions, you have at your fingertips all the tools you need to take your work from bland and boring flat images, to stunning and unique work of art.

What’s more is that it comes with great video guide to help you practice and reach the full potential of the actions and your creative abilities. From beginners’ actions such as Frequency separation and dodge and burn to more professional automated dodge and burn, shinning, face liquify, vignetting, colour grading and lots more. This bundle is sure to help you quicken your workflow and open you up to possibilities of solving all studio photo related problems, such dirty studio backgrounds, uneven skin tones, passport merging etc. Finally, the bundles have a series of actions that gives your images that final touch (effect) such as glow, light leaks and light ray effects and they are all fully customizable.


List of some ACTIONS in the pack:


  • Regular passport
  • Exposure level up
  • Skin detox
  • Eye and tooth whitening
  • Liquify face
  • Check layer for image clean up
  • Change colour
  • Fix dusty backgrounds
  • Frequency separation (16 bit)
  • Skin smoothening
  • Match skin tones
  • Hair / cloth dodge and burn
  • Skin dodge and burn
  • Add shine
  • Luminosity mask master
  • Golden skin
  • Orange and teal grade
  • Auto saturation
  • Skin pore texture
  • Contrast and sharpness
  • Logo placement
  • Add noise
  • Glow
  • Indoor light rays etc
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