General manager/ Ceo

Titilayo Akinjide

My first exposure to professional photography occurred while studying investigative journalism. So true to say that I’m not a trained photographer, but my passion for the art and experience in the industry can’t be quantified, for me it goes beyond just taking lovely portrait. It’s a mirror that views and captures the world in numerous perspectives. Now I’m sounding all serious…

Fun facts:
What I love aside photography; hot coffee, pizza, beef stir fry noodles, fashion and everything good.
I love photography and video content that is emotional, audacious, rich, romantic, whimsical and fun. My goal for each of our clients, is to have an enjoyable experience upon every encounter with the brand. I’m always existed anytime we get a 5-start rating.
I love working with my team, we call ourselves The Creatives!
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Life is art, let’s make it happen.

Managing Director of Pixels Creative Academy

Vijay Mephors

I grew up the western part of Nigerian where I acquired a significant amount of degrees in academics, however I have always been intuitively drawn to art, because I see answers with every existential question in the depth of my heart. Photography has been the lens in which I perceive reality perhaps that is why I absolutely love the craft.
I appreciate meeting people, the spontaneity of every moment and the pure magic that happens in post processing and prints. I consider myself as an instructor/creative, with about six years’ experience creating visual content for Pixels Creative Academy in Ibadan.
I specialize in modern cooperate/studio photography

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